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Ringler Associates
Brad Cecil  |  (502) 499-2086  |  Louisville  |
Cindy Chanley  |  (502) 569-9339  |  Louisville  |
Gayle Christen  |  (859) 581-3709  |  Covington  |

The Only Broker You Need! Since 1975, Ringler Associates has provided injured parties and their attorneys with the finest structured settlement services. Our brokers have successfully completed over 120,000 structures with annuity premiums in excess of $1.9 billion. Today, Ringler Associates is involved in one of every four structures where an independent broker is used. Our brokers focus on achieving the best possible results for all parties using tax-free structured settlement annuities.

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Lawyers Mutual of Kentucky
(502) 568-6100 
Angela Edwards
Jane Broadwater Long

Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company of Kentucky provides legal professional liability insurance to practicing Kentucky lawyers. The company is organized as a mutual, and is therefore, owned by Kentucky lawyers. The Board of Directors is composed exclusively of practicing Kentucky lawyers, and the company is run on a daily basis by Kentucky lawyers. Lawyers Mutual is the only malpractice provider available in Kentucky approved by KJA, the KBA and the LBA. Lawyers Mutual has not turned its back on the plaintiff’s bar, small firms, solo practitioners or real estate practices.

Counselor Capital
David Prater
  |  (800) 410-0656  |

Counselor Capital, LLC offers a variety of services to help you grow your practice and maximize its profitability. We can assist your firm in a variety of ways; with legal expense financing, structured settlement services, retirement planning and investment advisory, and we also have a complete line up of insurance services to help protect your practice.

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Physician Life Care Planning
Michael Cox  |  (979) 204-7873  |

Physician Life Care Planning is a full service, nationwide provider of damages valuation services that specializes in the formulation of Compensatory Economic Damages.
We define the value of Future Medical Care, Loss of Earnings Capacity, and Loss of Household Services for chronically and catastrophically ill/injured individuals for attorneys, government agencies, insurance companies, trusts, and courts.
Our Physician Life Care Planners are Board Certified Physicians who specialize in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and possess the requisite capacity to independently and thoroughly formulate and defend a strong medical foundation for damages valuation.
Our team of Vocation and Occupational Specialists, Forensic Economists, and Financial Analysts builds on our Future Medical Care expenses assessments to provide medically founded Loss of Earnings, Loss of Household Services, and related reports and services.
With over 70 Board Certified Life Care Planning Physicians and Damages Valuation Experts around the country, we are the nation’s leading provider of damages valuation services and able to conveniently serve attorneys and claimants nationwide.

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FindLaw, part of Thomson Reuters
Michael Brown  |  (513) 349-9529
Mike Sheehan  |  (502) 396-2071

FindLaw is the legal industry’s most effective provider of online marketing, providing Web sites and other online marketing services that generate new business with qualified prospects.

FORGE Consulting
Spooner Phillips  |  (706) 856-2535  |

FORGE is a national consulting firm that is challenging the status quo in the settlement industry. Our plaintiff-focused approach and full-market access ensures that our clients receive the best possible settlement, individually structured to meet their particular financial needs.

Kentucky Pain Associates
Kurt Reibling  | (502) 855-3911

Kentucky Pain Associates (KPA) is the low cost provider and the Number 1 choice for auto accident injury and workers’ compensation patients, providers and attorneys in the Louisville Metro and surrounding areas.

Strategic Capital
Ric Perez  |  (866) 821-6108  |

Strategic Capital works with attorneys and financial professionals to help their clients deal responsibly with unanticipated financial situations, after the settlement. Strategic Capital purchases structured settlement payments and other future payments in order to provide liquidity and flexibility when needed most.

Nathan Parkey  |  (502) 890-7705  |

Cost-effective subrogation solutions—Teaming up with plaintiff attorneys nationwide to even the subrogation battle for injured claimants.

Bronze Sponsors

Aptiva Health
Eric Lowe  |  (502) 509-7529  |

Aptiva Health is a physician-owned multi-specialty group focusing on the treatment and rehabilitation of acute onset injuries.

Emily Faith, JD  |  800-482-5611 x 1156  |

Donan provides conclusive, unbiased and accurate forensic investigation services with the fastest turnaround time and best customer service in the industry.

Forensic Human Factors
Kevin A. Rider  |  (734) 864-2973

FHF provides expert human factors and engineering services nationwide.

High Impact
Elliot Thompson  |  (800) 749-­2184  |

The nation’s premier provider of legal animations, medical illustrations, demonstrative exhibits and interactive presentations.

Image Resources
David Fulton, Emily Gregory  |  (317) 228-9080

Image Resources, Inc. is an Emmy® award-winning legal video company focusing on the video needs of law firms throughout the United States. We pioneered the production of Settlement Documentaries and Day-in-the-Life presentations, and have strategically influenced the recovery for plaintiffs across the country.

Kentuckiana Court Reporters

Madeline Smith  |  (502) 589-2273

Kentuckiana Reporters offers court reporters, court reporting services and legal video deposition services.

Medical Review Consulting

Gina Rogers  |  (270) 726-321  |

A legal nurse consulting firm with extensive experience analyzing medical negligence, personal injury and wrongful death cases.

National Healthcare Innovations
Dr. Carol White  |  (260) 224-6161

NHI provides a highly-trained nurse practitioner consultant and many other services to assist you on a case.

Ray Forensic Consultants, LLC
Jody Ellliott  |  (614) 591-5634  |

Forensic expertise for attorneys and the insurance industry. Proudly serving the Midwest since 2001 with timely, trustworthy, reliable expert services. Put one of our 95+ experts to work for you.

Vocational Economics
Mike Swift  |  (502) 589-0995  |

We are a national, forensic consulting firm, specializing in defining economic damages. Our analysts work directly with attorneys to define objectively economic damages with special emphasis on loss of earning capacity, future health and medical care costs (life care plans), and business and commercial damages.


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