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Truck Accident Litigation



Defense Perspective in Trucking Litigation -John Dunn
Driver Fatigue and Hours of Service Audit: Catch Them if You Can -Roger Allen
Tools and Techniques for Effectively Deposing the Safety Director and Truck Driver -Timothy D. Lange
Reconstructing the Trucking Case -Rob Miller
Space the Next Frontier: When the Commercial Driver Fails to Manage the Space on ALL Sides of the Truck -Robert L. Sachs, Jr.


Roger Allen, has more than thirty years experience in all phases of trucking operations, commercial motor vehicle safety, state and federal DOT regulations and accident reconstruction.
Timothy D. Lange, managing partner of Benson, Byrne, Risch, Siemens & Lange in Louisville, practices in the areas of commercial trucking cases and automobile wrecks. He is a member of the KJA Board of Governors.
Rob Miller, retired Lt. Col. with Kentucky State Police, is a professional collision reconstructionist. He is the founder and owner of Crash Analysis and Reconstruction.
Robert L. Sachs, Jr. is the managing partner of the Philadelphia law firm of Shrager, Spivey & Sachs. His practice is limited exclusively to plaintiffs’ complex personal injury claims and mass tort claims.

John Dunn