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Auto Damages: Making the Most for Your Client - 2009


Date: 05/29/2009

PIP Benefits & Denial of PIP Benefits - Cyndi Crocker and Chauncey Hiestand
Putting the Medical Terminology to Work for Your Case - Mark Smith and Chuck Clark
First Things First–Immunities - Judge David Bowles
The Defense Perspective on Damages - Marc Breit
Reconstruction of a Staged Two-Vehicle Crash - Sonny Cease and Rob Miller (DVD incl)
Mechanism of Injuries - Dr. William Smock
Proving Damages in Mediation and The Use of Computer Technology - Judge Tom McDonald and Finis Price

Henry P. (Sonny) Cease, is an accident reconstructionist and a retired major and commander of the Kentucky State Police Training Academy.
Robert Miller, is an accident reconstructionist with Reconstruction Services, LLC in Louisville, Ky.
Wolf Technical Services, investigates and reconstructs collisions involving all types of vehicles and provides demonstrative evidence to communicate complex information.
Cyndi Crocker, practices in Bowling Green, Ky. with the Crocker Law Firm. Ms. Crocker’ areas of practice includes personal injury, wrongful death, product liability, and nursing home abuse and neglect.
Chauncey Hiestand, is an associate of the Siebert and Johnson law firm in Louisville, Ky., where he practices in personal injury law.
Mark J. Smith, D.C. practices with the Hill Chiropractic Office in Louisville, Ky.
Charles M. Clark, Jr., of Louisville, is a physical therapist and group director for Physiotherapy Associates. He is a member of the State Board of Physical Therapy.
Judge David P. Bowles, is judge of the Jefferson District Court. Judge Bowles was in private practice and served as a police officer before being elected to the bench.
Marc Breit, practices in the areas of personal injury and medical negligence defense in Louisville, Ky.
William Spafford Smock, MD, MS, FACEP, FAAEM, is a specialist in emergency medicine at the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Louisville.
Judge Tom McDonald, recently retired from Jefferson Circuit Court, Division 12.
Finis Price, is the founder of TechnoEsq in Louisville, Ky., where he integrates technology and computers into his legal practice.