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2015 How to Develop and Win an Auto Case


Date: 05/18/2015

How to Develop and Win an Auto Case Seminar Chairs: Randy Jewell and Nathan Williams
Don’t Be Afraid of the MIST
Vanessa Cantley lists do’s and don’ts in preparing and trying minor impact soft tissue cases. She provides ample motions and other pleadings and lists resources to assist in planning and litigating the case from start to finish.
Judo Law — How to Win at Trial
Gary C. Johnson explains how to apply the Judo Law approach by using all the “bad” facts to your advantage in every aspect of trial preparation and trial. Judo Law is designed to start at intake and end at trial.
Finding the Product Case in the MVA
Richard Hay provides a comprehensive and detailed summary of Kentucky product liability law, including statutes and court opinions.
Ethics and Subrogation: Unnamed Attorney Case and Rule 1.15
Peter L. Ostermiller reviews the application of Rule 1.15 and the Unnamed Attorney case regarding the legal ethics and professional responsibility duties of attorneys in addressing claims of third parties to funds received by the attorney in the representation of a client
Using Technology to Educate Jurors
Rob Miller outlines case studies using advanced daytime/
nighttime photographic techniques. Software and published
data from the Crash Safety Institute illustrate techniques to
help jurors understand the collision sequence.
You Can’t Ask That. Alternative Methods of Cross Examining Opposing Witnesses
Kyle Salyer discusses how to simplify cross examination, the goals of cross, lay witness and expert witness deposition outlines and transcript examples.


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