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2013 Litigating Truck Wreck Cases


Date: 06/28/2013

Litigating Truck Wreck Cases

Corporations are People too, My Friend and They Have to Chat with You: Obtaining Discovery from Tractor Trailer Companies
Marion Munley, Scranton, Pennsylvania
Direct Claims Against a Motor Carrier - The Allgeier Case and Best Arguments to Keep Kentucky on the Correct Side of the McHaffie Rule
Jeff Burns and J.J. Burns, Kansas City, Missouri
When a Million isn't Enough - Broker Liability in the 21st Century
Morgan Adams, Chattanooga, Tennessee
When Can a Pick-up Truck be a Commercial Motor Vehicle & Understanding Rules Applicable to Non-CDL Commercial Drivers
Joseph Fried, Atlanta, Georgia
Litigation Approaches in Motorcoach, School Bus and Van Cases
Larry Simon, Springfield, New Jersey
What a Qualified Industry Expert Brings to Bus and Truck Accident Cases
Joseph Fried, Atlanta, Georgia
Trucking Reconstruction Issues Start to Finish
Tom Langley, Woodstock, Georgia
Ethical Considerations in Your Tractor-Trailer Case
Jay Vaughn, Ft. Wright, Kentucky

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