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Auto Litigation

2010 Auto Damages
Product ID: 0401
A day of short video clips of various defense counsel in action. Hear what the defense counsels say during trial and learn how to prepare for their strategies. Voir Dire--Mat A. Slechter Openin...
2011 All Things Auto
Product ID: 0402
Get the simple, practical knowledge you need to win your next auto case. Kevin Renfro
2011 Handling Auto Cases
Product ID: 0403
Auto insurance law is constantly changing. Learn the current issues and recent developments in handling auto wreck cases. Jay Vaughn, Scott Madden, Tim Lange, Jennifer Moore, Derek Humfleet ...
2011 Handling Auto Cases - Ethics Only
Product ID: 0404
What's the Definition of "Is?" - Ethical Considerations and Implications When Settling Your Client's Injury Claim Jay Vaughn
2013 Auto Cases Start to Finish
Product ID: 2013 Auto Cases Start to Finish
Auto Litigation Cases from Start to Finish NO CLE CREDIT Kevin Renfro The Initial Client Meeting. Searching for All InsuranceCoverage; PIP, Stackable Liability Policies, UM & UIM Accident Reconst...
2013 Maximizing Your Auto Cases
Product ID: 2013 Maximizing Your Auto Cases
Maximizing Your Auto Cases NO CLE Credits UIM Claims from Pre-Litigation through Trial Jennifer Moore, Grossman & Moore Bad Faith: Where is the Bad? Austin Mehr, Austin Mehr Law Offices Curren...
All Things Auto - Ethics Only
Product ID: 0405
Ethical Considerations Affecting MVA Cases: Advertising, Solicitation, Social Networking, Liens and Conflicts of Interest Kevin Renfro
Auto Damages Film Session (2010) Materials
Product ID: Auto Damages Film Session (2010)
Auto Damages: Making the Most for Your Client - 2009
Product ID: 0406
Topics: PIP Benefits & Denial of PIP Benefits - Cyndi Crocker and Chauncey Hiestand Putting the Medical Terminology to Work for Your Case - Mark Smith and Chuck Clark First Things Fir...
Auto Defect Cases Current Trends and Case Selection 2007
Product ID: 0407
Speaker: Kathryn E. Barnett
Car Wreck Cases: Early Assessment of the Case Value
Product ID: 0408
Faculty Stuart Ollanik, represents consumers in automotive design defect and other product liability litigation. He is with the Colorado firm of Gilbert, Ollanik and Komyatte. ...
Ethical Topics in the Auto Practice
Product ID: 0409
Round Table Ethics Discussion
Ethics Problems Lawyers Should – But Don’t Always Avoid
Product ID: 0410
Topics Advertising and Solicitation Written Fee Contracts Conflicts of Interest, e.g., multiple clients in MVA matters, derivative claims, wrongful death claims, etc. Escrow Agreements and ...
Litigating Auto Cases
Product ID: 0411
Ethics in Auto Litigation: What to do When Your Client Has Liens: Where Does Your Duty Lie? Asa P. “Pete” Gullett, Louisville, Ky. Mediating the High-end Auto Case: What the Mediator Needs, Expects, ...
Litigating Auto Cases - Ethics Only 2012
Product ID: 0412
Ethics in Auto Litigation: What to do When Your Client Has Liens: Where Does Your Duty Lie? Asa P. “Pete” Gullett, Louisville, Ky.