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2014 Seminar Materials and Audio

2014 A Day in the Life of a Car Wreck Lawyer
Product ID: 2014 Auto Litigation
Day in the Life of a Car Wreck Lawyer Seminar Chair and Speaker: Jay Vaughn How to Work Up and Settle a Car Wreck Case Jay Vaughn Suing PIP Carriers for Unfair Denials Randy Jewell Refreshe...
2014 Annual Convention
Product ID: 2014 AC
2014 Anxiety Depression and Addiction Teleconference
Product ID: 2014 TC6.12
Anxiety, Depression and Addiction: The Un-holy Trinity for Lawyers Speaker: Yvette Hourigan Yvette is the Director of the Kentucky Lawyer Assistance Program (KYLAP), which provides assistance to al...
2014 Auto Insurance
Product ID: 2014 Auto Insurance
Automobile Insurance Coverage, Commercial Liability and Homeowner's Coverage?Seminar Chair: Jerry M. Miniard PIP (BRB/ARB), MedPay Coverage, Directing/Coordinating No Fault Benefits, Health Insu...
2014 Damages
Product ID: 2014 Damages
2014 Deconstructing Employee Handbook Teleconference
Product ID: 2014 TC6.5
Deconstructing Employee Handbooks Speaker: Dan Canon Dan is a founding member of the Louisville firm of Clay Daniel Walton Adams, PLC. He has extensive trial and appellate experience in both state...
2014 Demands, Settlements and Negotiation of Auto
Product ID: 2014 Auto Skills
Demands, Settlements and Negotiation of Auto Wreck Cases Seminar Chair: Michael A. Schafer Colossus and the AMA Guides in the Personal Injury Arena Dr. Jack Sells Settlement Brochures Michael ...
2014 Depositions
Product ID: 2014 Depositions
Depositions: The Impact of Powerful Testimony from Giants of the Bar Matthew Minner Introduction: Matthew Minner Hare Wynn Newell & Newton, Lexington, Kentucky Tips for Deposing a Doctor as the...
2014 Destin Seminar
Product ID: 2014 Destin
Materials from the entire 2014 Destin Seminar are available for purchase and download
2014 DUI Law Teleconference
Product ID: 2014 DUI Law Teleconference
Recent Developments in DUI Law in Kentucky Speaker: Fred Peters Fred is a solo practictioner who had three published DUI cases by the Ky. Supreme Court: Comm. v. Dedic, Comm.v. Hourigan, and ...
2014 Healthcare Facilities Teleconference
Product ID: 2014 Healthcare Facilities Teleconference
Healthcare Facilities: What to Ask for and How to Identify False Reads Speaker: Amy Herrington Dr. Herrington completed an Associate of Science in Nursing and began a career in Emergency Nursing. S...
2014 Legal Malpractice Teleconference
Product ID: 2014 Legal Malpractice Teleconference
What is Legal Malpractice Insurance and How Does it Work? 1 Hour of Ethics CLE Speaker: Jane Broadwater Long Jane Broadwater Long is Vice President and Claims Counsel of Lawyers Mutual Insur...
2014 Market Your Practice
Product ID: 2014 Market Your Practice
Market & Build Your Practice - Materials only Seminar Chair - Tad Thomas The Do's and Don't of Going Out on Your Own Sheila Hiestand Connecting With Your Audience: The Power of Personality and ...
2014 Mediation
Product ID: 2014 Mediation
2014 Metal-on-Metal Hip Settlements: Past, Present and Future Teleconference
Product ID: 2014 TC6.16
Metal-on-Metal Hip Settlements: Past, Present and Future Speaker: Jasper Ward Jasper is a member of the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee on the Stryker Hip Implant Litigation (MDL No. 2441) and has d...
2014 My Favorite Rule
Product ID: 2014 My Favorite Rule
My Favorite Rule Seminar Chair - Bob Sanders Materials Only
2014 Quantifying Damages Teleconference
Product ID: 2014 Quantifying Damages Teleconference
Quantifying Damages Speaker: Jamie Williams, Ph.D. Dr. Williams focuses on orthopedic and musculoskeletal biomechanics in falls, crashes, sports and recreational injuries, failed medical implants/d...
2014 Special Needs Planning and the Affordable Care Act Teleconference
Product ID: 2014 Special Needs Planning Teleconference
Special Needs Planning and the Affordable Care Act Speaker: Peter Wayne Peter is a member of Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs, LLP’s Trusts, Estates & Personal Planning Service Team. He concentrates in speci...
2014 Subrogation
Product ID: 2014 Subrogation
2014 Succession Planning for Attorneys
Product ID: 2014 TC6.23
Succession Planning for Attorneys Speaker: Jerry M. Miniard Jerry has a solo practice consisting mostly of plaintiff’s personal injury cases. He is on the Task Force for Closed and Abandoned Pract...