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KJA is committed to educating Kentucky consumers about their rights and working to protect them from unscrupulous corporate interests that would rather limit accountability than provide safer products and work environments. The resources on this page provide a wealth of information to empower Kentucky citizens with the tools to join the fight against corporate negligence, misconduct and greed.

The Kentucky Justice Association is proud of the contributions attorneys have made in improving our country over the past 100 years. Through the relentless pursuit of justice for all, we now live in a better place. Our standard of living is better and we live in a safer, cleaner country. America’s trial attorneys,
working in our courts of law, have had a lot to do with this.

Defending Justice

Our children sleep and play in greater safety. No longer do children die because of pajamas catching fire. Thanks to the efforts of trial attorneys in the Grye v. Dayton Hudson case children’s pajamas and toys are safer and flame retardant.

Our Kentucky roads are safer.
Thanks to the efforts of Kentucky trial attorneys in Yates v. Riverbend Music Center, the I-275 bridge between Kentucky and Ohio is no longer a death trap. In fact, because of the new traffic plan proposed by trial attorneys, the bridge has been accident free and death free since 1994.

Our family cars are safer.
Airbags, safety belts and better gas tank placement save lives every day and are the result of cases won by the trial attorneys of America. In Grimshaw v. Ford Motor Company, trial attorneys helped stop the sale of the dangerous Pinto.

Our prescription and over-the-counter medications are safer.
Trial attorneys have forced big drug companies to be accountable when their products are dangerous. Forcing Merck to stop selling Vioxx is just one example of how attorneys have used the courts to stop dangerous products from entering our homes.

The use of deadly asbestos has stopped.
Through a number of important court cases, trial attorneys have forced corporations to stop selling and installing asbestos products and have made our homes and work places safer.

Lead is no longer used paint.
Through the efforts of trial attorneys, lead has been removed from paint manufacturing. This has improved the safety of our homes and saved thousands of our children from the hazards of lead poisoning.

Fairness in the workplace has improved.
Thanks to trial attorneys, corporations can no longer discriminate on the basis of color, race, religion, origin, sex or age. This has helped millions of Americans obtain the salary and job level that they truly deserve.

Our rivers and streams are cleaner.
Thanks to trial attorneys, companies are now held accountable for toxic dumpsites and polluting our water. Many of our lakes, rivers and streams are cleaner today because trial attorneys have held corporations accountable through the civil justice system.

Our sports are even safer.
1991 was the first season in 60 years in which no football player died from a head injury. That’s because trial attorneys helped make helmet manufacturers responsible for defective helmets and forced them to make their product safer.