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Kentucky Justice Association 2019 Committees

Amicus Committee
Kevin Burke, Chair; Phil Grossman; Gregg Neal; Liz Shepherd; Jay Vaughn

Annual Convention Committee
Phil Grossman, Chair; John Bahe; Gregory Bubalo; Kevin Burke; Vanessa Cantley; Paul Casi, II; Seth Gladstein; Michael Hance; Penny Hendy; Scarlette Kelty; Jenn Lawrence; Matt Minner; Charlie Moore; Jennifer Moore; Ann Oldfather; Peter Perlman; Hans Poppe; Chris Rhoads; Liz Shepherd; Tad Thomas; Tyler Thompson

Bylaw Committee
Jeffery A. Roberts, Chair; Nina Couch

Courts & Rules Committee
Ann Oldfather, Chair; Gregory Bubalo; Nina Couch; Eric Lamb; Justin Lawrence; Hans Poppe; Jay Prather; Mat Slechter; Tad Thomas; Liddell Vaughn; Aaron Whaley; Will Wilhoit; Ron Wilt

Diversity Committee
Lindsay Cordes, Chair; Lonita Baker; Natalie Colliersmith; Alexa Cox; Scarlette Kelty; Lindsay Lawrence; Allison Mohon; Justin Sanders; Jared Smith

Fund Development and Special Events Committee
Sarah Emery, Co-chair; Lauren Marley, Co-chair; Elizabeth Combs; Penny Hendy; Travis Holtrey; Scarlette Kelty; Justin May; Patrick Smith; Ron Wilt

Golf Committee
John Bahe, Chair; Corey Fannin; Seth Gladstein; Kyle LaMar; William Mayfield; Jared Smith; Sean Tillman; Aaron Whaley; Nathan Williams

Legislative Committee
Seth Gladstein, Co-chair; Matt McGill, Co-chair; Vanessa Cantley; Paul Casi, II; Tony Colyer; Elizabeth Combs; Colby Cowherd; Isaac Fain; Michael Grabhorn; Phil Grossman; Rhonda Hatfield-Jeffers; Penny Hendy; Kyle LaMar; Jenn Lawrence; Justin Lawrence; Leah Mason; T.J. Massey; Justin May; Chad McCoy; Matt Minner; Fred Moore; Hans Poppe; Jay Prather; Andre Regard; Chris Rhoads; Jeff Roberts; Chris Rogers; Justin Sanders; Mike Schafer; Dave Scott; Liz Shepherd; Mat Slechter; Jared Smith; Tad Thomas; Aaron Whaley; Nathan Williams

ListServ Committee
Kevin Renfro; Seth Combs; Leah Mason; Hans Poppe; Jared Smith

Membership Committee
Corey Fannin, Co-chair; Kevin Weis, Co-chair; Bruce Bentley; Kevin Burke; Lesley Cayton; Masten Childers, III; Thomas Chumbley; Sarah Emery; Michael Eubanks; Christopher Goode; Penny Hendy; Scarlette Kelty; Jennifer Lawrence; Lauren Marley; Justin May; Justin Peterson; Jeffery Roberts; Michael Schafer; Jared Smith; Jessica Surber; William Wilhoit

Public Relations Committee
Jared Smith, Chair; Lonita Baker; Alexa Cox; Sarah Emery; Seth Gladstein; Travis Holtrey; Scarlette Kelty; Justin May; Chad McCoy; Jonathan Meager; Mike Schafer; Mat Slechter; Matthew Smith; Patrick Smith; Alison Sparks; Robyn Stanton; Sean Tillman; Kelly Todd; Kevin Weis; Ron Wilt

Publications and Website Committee
Mike Schafer, Chair; Michael Burman; Seth Combs; Sarah Emery; Scarlette Kelty; Allison Mohon; Hans Poppe; Chris Rogers; Mat Slechter; Jared Smith; Liddell Vaughn

Seminar Committee
Sarah Emery, Co-chair; Matt Minner, Co-chair; Nick Craddock; Chris Goode; Phil Grossman; Stacy Ivey; Tim Lange; T.J. Massey; Rob Mattingly; Jay Prather; Kevin Renfro; Delana Sanders; Mat Slechter; Jared Smith; Patrick Smith; Tad Thomas; Jay Vaughn; Brian Vines; Ron Wilt

KJA Womens Trial Lawyer Caucus
Alison Sparks, Chair; Kathleen Thompson, Vice Chair; Emily DeVuono, Secretary/Treasurer; Scarlette Kelty, Immediate Past Chair

Young Members Committee
Justin May. Chair; Natalie Colliersmith; Elizabeth Combs; Colby Cowherd; Alexa Cox; Isaac Fain; Scarlette Kelty; Kyle LaMar; Lauren Marley; T.J. Massey; Rachel Masters; Fred Moore; Kevin Renfro; Jared Smith; Matthew Smith; John Sowell; Alison Sparks; Jessica Surber; Juliette Symons; Kelly Todd; Will Wilhoit

If you have any questions regarding any committee or if you would like to join a committee, please click here.