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Court Orders

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Court Orders and Information

All Orders from KCOJ COVID-19 and the Courts

Eastern District

04/15 Eastern District of Kentucky Court Order 20-08

04/06 Eastern District of Kentucky Court Order 20-07

03/30 Eastern District of Kentucky Court Order 20-05

03/30 Eastern District of Kentucky Court Order 20-04


Updates on All State Courts

Governor's Orders

03/25 Governor’s Order on Essential Services

Legal services are excluded, but the Governor has directed as follows:

Professional services, such as legal services, must implement telecommuting and remote work to the fullest extent possible, and should only use in-person interaction to support Minimum Basic Operations or where telecommuting is impossible.

Covid Legislation Affecting Your Practice

03/31 Extension of SOL in Judicial Branch Budget
The Judicial Branch Budget became effective on Monday April 13.The bill includes a tolling of SOLs in effect until 30 days past the Governor's or the Chief Justice's declaring an emergency, whichever is later.  Given the language that states the Chief Justice is authorized to issue a judicial emergency, it appears the Court is authorized to address statutes of limitations but it is not clear there has been a judicial emergency declared.  Therefore,  prudent/safe action will likely be to file all claims with a statute of limitations that is approaching.  As you know the Supreme Court is handling many issues at present and likely will address this in the coming weeks.  
The COVID-19 relief bill in the Kentucky Legislature included the following to help you with practicing law remotely:
11 (page 9) For the purposes of complying with any law, rule, order or other requirement relating to the receipt of testimony or signature from any party or witness, or the acknowledgement or notarization of any document, for any legal purpose, video communication is the same as being in the physical presence. 
Essential Practice Tips for Your Practice During COVID
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