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Kentucky Justice Association Officers and Staff

Executive Committee

Vanessa Cantley
Bahe Cook Cantley & Nefzger PLC
Marion E. Taylor Building, 6th Fl.
312 South Fourth Street
Louisville, KY 40202
(502) 587-2002

Penny Hendy
President Elect

Schachter, Hendy and Johnson
909 Wrights Summit Parkway, Ste. 210
Ft. Wright, KY 41011
(859) 578-4444

Rhonda Hatfield-Jeffers
Vice President

The Law Office of Rhonda Hatfield-Jeffers
PO Box 737
Somerset, KY 42502
(606) 679-0021

Robert D. Mattingly

DeCamillis & Mattingly, PLLC
138 S Third Street
Louisville KY 40202
(502) 589-2822

Paul J. Kelley

Satterley & Kelley, PLLC
8700 Westport Road
Suite 202
Louisville KY 40242
(502) 589-5600

Phil Grossman
Immediate Past-President
Grossman & Moore, PLLC
 One Riverfront Plaza
401 West Main Street, Ste. 1810
Louisville, KY 40202
(502) 657-7100

AAJ Governors
Will Nefzger, Louisville
Jennifer Moore, Louisville
Joe Satterly, Louisville

AAJ Past President
Peter Perlman, Lexington

AAJ Delegates
Chandrika Srinivasen, Louisville

Jared Smith, Louisville
Penny Hendy, Ft. Wright


AAJ Parlimentarian
Tad Thomas Louisville

Chief Executive Officer
Maresa Taylor Fawns

District Vice Presidents
First District
Jeffery A. Roberts
Roberts Law Office
509 Main Street
Murray, KY 42071-1023
(270) 753-0053

Second District
Matthew M. McGill
Lowder & McGill, PLLC
537 E. 10th St., Suite 200
PO Box 900
Bowling Green KY 42102-0900
(270) 842-3924

Third District
Bruce Bentley
Bruce Bentley Law
PO Box 1926
London, KY 40743-1926
(606) 877-0088

Fourth District
Kevin C. Burke
Burke Neal PLLC
2200 Dundee Road, Suite C
Louisville, KY 40205
(502) 709-9990

Mike Schafer
 The Schafer Law Office
 1218 South Third Street
Louisville, KY 40059
(502) 584-9511

Jared Smith
McCoy, Hiestand & Smith
108 Browns Lane
Louisville, KY 40207
(502) 233-8405

Fifth District
Mike Eubanks
Shumate Flaherty Eubanks
& Baechtold, PSC
225 West Irvine Street
Richmond, KY 40475
(859) 623-3049

Chris Goode
Goode Law Office
389 Elaine Drive
Lexington, Kentucky 40504

Sixth District
Jennifer Lawrence
The Lawrence Firm, PSC
606 Philadelphia Street
Main Strasse Village
Covington, KY 41011
(859) 578-9130

Sarah Emery
Schachter, Hendy and Johnson
909 Wrights Summit Parkway
Ste. 210
Fort Wright, KY 41011
(859) 578-4444

Seventh District
Will Wilhoit
Wilhoit Law Office
103 South Hoard Street
P.O. Box 35
Grayson, KY 41143-0035
(606) 474-8833

                    Governors at Large

John, Abaray, Louisville
David H. Abney, Frankfort
Jeff W. Adamson, Louisville
Deedra Benthall, Danville
Bruce R. Bentley, London
Richard M. Breen, Louisville
Gregory J. Bubalo, Louisville
Kevin C. Burke, Louisville
E. Andre' Busald, Florence
Natasha Camenisch Little, Madisonville
Vanessa Cantley, Louisville
Paul A. Casi II, Louisville
Tony Colyer, Louisville
A.V. Conway, Hartford
Lea Cox Glibbery, Louisville
Steve D. Downey, Bowling Green
Sarah Jane Dufour, Louisville
Sarah N. Emery, Fort Wright
Michael F. Eubanks, Richmond
Corey T. Fannin, Lexington
William R.
Garmer, Lexington
J.T. Gilbert, Richmond
Seth A. Gladstein, Louisville
Christopher W. Goode, Lexington
Andrew Michael Grabhorn, Louisville
Michael D. Grabhorn, Louisville

Michael R. Hance, Louisville
Rhonda Hatfield-Jeffers, Somerset
Richard W. Hay, Somerset
Penny Unkraut Hendy, Fort Wright
Sheila Hiestand, Louisville
Travis Leon Holtrey, Owensboro
Stacy Hullett Ivey, Bowling Green
Ronald E. Johnson, Fort Wright
Ray Stanley Jones, Pikeville
William J. Kathman, Florence
Paul J. Kelley, Louisville
Scarlette Burton Kelty, Louisville
Jennifer L. Lawrence, Covington
Terrance L. Massey, Louisville
Robert D. Mattingly, Louisville
Justin May, Louisville
D. Chad McCoy, Bardstown
Matthew M. McGill, Bowling Green
Matthew C. Minner, Lexington
Charles E. Moore, Owensboro
Jennifer A. Moore, Louisville
Douglas H. Morris, Louisville
Gregg Y. Neal, Shelbyville
Will Nefzger, Louisville
Justin Noble, Hazard
Ann B. Oldfather, Louisville
Peter Perlman, Lexington

Hans George Poppe, Louisville
Jerome P. Prather, Lexington
Richard M. Rawdon, Georgetown
Kevin J. Renfro, Louisville
Christopher Rhoads, Owensboro
Jerry P. Rhoads, Madisonville
Jeffery A. Roberts, Murray
Delana S. Sanders, Crescent Springs
Justin Sanders, Covington
Joseph D. Satterley, Louisville
Gary Schaaf, Paducah
Michael A. Schafer, Louisville
Liz J. Shepherd, Louisville
Jessica R Shoulders, Bowling Green
Mat A. Slechter, Louisville
Jared J. Smith, Louisville
Alison Sparks, London
Chandrika Srinivasan, Louisville
Tad Thomas, Louisville
Tyler Smyth Thompson, Louisville
D. Todd Varellas, Lexington
Jay R. Vaughn, Ft. Wright
Kevin P. Weis, Prospect
William H. Wilhoit, Grayson
Nathan D. Williams, Campbellsville
Ronald M. Wilt, Louisville

KJA Staff
Chief Executive Officer, Sponsorship Opportunities: Maresa Fawns,
Editorial Content & Publications, Advertising: Pat Edelen,
Member Information: Monica Daley,
Financial Manager: Cheryl Guyton,
Director of Education: Amy Preher,
Public Affairs Coordinator, Griffin Gillis,

KJA Past Presidents

1954    Edward A. Dodd
1955    Harry L. Hargadon, Sr.
1956    Harold R. Marquette
1957    H. Solomon Horen
1958    D. Bernard Coughlin
1959    Ephraim K. Lawrence, Jr.
1960    Anthony R. Hellman
1961    John T. Fowler
1962    Theodore Wurmser
1963    Vincent J. Hargadon
1964    W.H. Spalding, Jr.
1965    Charles M. Leibson
1966    Frank E. Haddad, Jr.
1967    Freeman B. Blackwell
1968    G. Philip Deeb, Sr.
1969    Alan N. Leibson
1970    Frederick C. Dolt
1971    Charles A. Williams
1972    Harry L. Hargadon, Jr.
1973    Robert G. Lohman, Jr.
1974    James B. Lenihan
1975    Daniel B. Boone


1976    Peter Perlman
1977    Gary M. Weiss
1978    Joseph R. Huddleston
1979    William E. Johnson
1980    Larry B. Franklin
1981    William A. Miller
1982    Harley Blankenship
1983    Charles S. Wible
1984    Richard M. Rawdon, Jr.
1985    E. Andre’ Busald
1986    Deedra Benthall
1987    Gregg Y. Neal
1988    Kevin George
1989    Richard M. Breen
1990    Hugh D. Moore
1991    Sandra Freeburger
1992    William J. Kathman, Jr.
1993    Jerry P. Rhoads
1994    Bill Garmer
1995    Richard Hay
1996    Robert E. Sanders
1997    Barry L. Willett


1998    W. Douglas Myers
1999    Charles A. Saladino
2000    Joseph L. White
2001    Jeanie Owen Miller
2002    Charles C. (Chuck) Adams, Jr.
2003    Richard Lawrence
2004    Charles E. Moore
2005    Tyler S. Thompson
2006    Steven D. Downey
2007    A.V. Conway
2008    R. Scott Madden
2009    Michael Hance
2010    Douglas Morris
2011    J.T. Gilbert
2012    Sheila Hiestand
2013    Gary Schaaf
2014    Joe Satterley
2015    Ron Johnson
2016    Paul Casi, II
2017    Liz Shepherd
2018    H. Philip Grossman