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The Kentucky Justice Association (KJA) was founded in 1954 by a small group of local attorneys. Over the years, it has grown into an important, statewide voice for consumers. The Association’s more than 1400 members are committed to improving the quality of legal representation for Kentucky families by providing superior legal education and by keeping abreast of legislative and judicial proceedings.

Members of the Kentucky Justice Association are dedicated to protecting the health and safety of Kentucky families, to enhancing consumer protection, and to preserving each and every citizen’s right to trial by jury. They also help to educate citizens about their legal rights through its Speakers Bureau and a variety of other informative programs, publications and community service projects.

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KJA is committed to strengthening the civil justice system so deserving individuals can get justice and wrongdoers are held accountable. We oppose efforts to weaken basic legal protections and further stack the deck against the average person. All Americans benefit when the individuals attorneys represent have a fair chance to get justice through our civil justice system.