2007 KJA Sponsors

These supporters of KJA provide many different services
for the legal profession. KJA knows the importance of finding reliable, knowledgeable and cost-conscious vendors. Please consider them when you need one of these services.

Diamond Sponsors

Ringler Associates Structured Settlements
(877) 288-0741      Cindy Chanley
(877) 541-9388      Gayle Christen

The Ringler Associates’ staff provides one-on-one meetings with clients, attendance at mediations, assistance with trusts (special needs, Medicare set asides), develops creative structured settlement plans, and prepares settlement agreements.

Tay Robinson Strategic Settlements
(859) 578-9691 • www.strategicsettlements.com

Strategic Settlements & Investments is a structured settlement firm based in Kentucky specializing in providing structured settlement products for those involved in either paying out or receiving funds from a settlement.

Platinum Sponsors

Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company of Kentucky
(502) 568-6100 • www.LMICK.com

Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company of Kentucky is the only company writing malpractice insurance in Kentucky owned by Kentucky lawyers, run by Kentucky lawyers and serving only Kentucky lawyers.

Silver Sponsors

Brad Cecil — Diversified Settlements, Inc.
(502) 499-2086 or (877) 841-4455 • jbradcecil@aol.com

Brad Cecil, PO Box 206008, Louisville, KY 40250-6008
Fax: (502) 495-0008

The Center for Special Needs Trust Administration
(877) 766-5331 • www.SNTCenter.org

The Center for Special Needs Trust Administration is a not-for-profit corporation with the sole mission of providing comprehensive services to the entire community of people with disabilities.

The Centers for Lien Resolution
(800) 888-1743 • www.TheCentersForLienResolution.com

The Centers for Lien Resolution provides servicesto plaintiff clients in the areas of Medicare/Medicaid lien resolution and Medicare Set-Asides.

James Rowland — EPS Settlements
(800) 543-4698 • jrowland@epssettlements.com

James Rowland assists claimants and their attorneys in developing settlement designs that are most advantageous to individual life situations, considering taxes, governmental benefits and other circumstances.

JMW Settlements
(800) 544-5533 • www.jmwsettlements.com

We provide immediate, full service structured settlement support on the full range of personal injury cases, including employment and other nonphysical torts.

Medical Analysis Resources
(859) 234-0200 • www.medanalysisresources.com

A legal nurse consulting firm helping attorneys by carefully analyzing medical records for fact, merit and the detection of fraud. We simplify difficult medical issues for you.

The Settlement Services Group
(513) 794-0400  mgarretson@settlementplan.com

Matt Garretson of The Settlement Services Group creates settlement preservation strategies for clients receiving settlements funds in wrongful death or personal injury cases.

Thomson FindLaw
(866) 44FINDLAW • www.lawyermarketing.com

Thomson FindLaw, a division of Thomson West, is the legal industry’s most effective provider of online marketing and client development services. Findlaw provides law firms with Web sites and other online marketing services that generate new business with qualified prospects

Vocational Economics, Inc.
(800) 227-0198 •

Vocational Economics, Inc. is a national litigation consulting firm based in Louisville that specializes in defining economic damages and future medical care costs.

Bronze Sponsors

Injured Workers Pharmacy
(502) 377-4404 or (888) 321-79457 • www.iwpharmacy.com

A national mail-order pharmacy service that ships medications directly to your client and collects payment from the insurance company. Contact R. Scott Wiedeback at Swiedeback@IWPPharmacy.com.

Leading Tech Forensics (LTF) Experts
(419) 452-6992 • www.ltfexperts.com

Leading Tech Forensics (LTF) delivers timely and cost-effective forensic support with more than 100 qualified experts in over 50 disciplines.

Medical Review Consulting
(270) 726-3211 • www.medicalreviewconsulting.com

A legal nurse consulting firm providing litigation support for law firms on medical related cases. This firm has extensive experience reviewing: medical malpractice, wrongful death, auto accidents, product liability, and nursing home cases.

Medical Visions
(800) 869-8160 • www.medicalvisions.com

Medical Visions specializes in producing medical legal illustrations, animations and models. Our services also include document, photo, X-ray enlargements, charts, graphs and timelines.

Robson Forensic
(800) 813-6736 • www.robsonforensic.com

The forensic experts at Robson Forensic are renaissance men and women who have done the work central to the issues, and can testify accordingly with the experience of more than 28,000 cases and claims.

Settlement Wellness Center™

(513) 871-8900 • www.lmasettlements.com

With years of experience in settlement analysis and consulting, the principals of Settlement Wellness Center™—who are attorneys as well—can assist all parties in reaching a satisfactory settlement.

Vantage Experts
(800) 337-8053 • www.vantageexperts.com

Vantage Experts is a nationwide network of experienced and well-qualified consultants  and expert witnesses. We introduce Attorneys, Insurance Companies and Business Managers to consulting professionals involved in virtually all fields of expertise.

Winston & Co. Benefits, Inc.
(502) 245-1516 • www.winstonco.com

Winston & Company provides quality, affordable health insurance plans designed specifically for the needs of association insurance programs and small group, health, life, and disability programs.

Wolf Technical Services, Inc.

(800) 783-9653 • www.wolftechnical.com

Wolf Technical Services is a research and engineering firm developing and evaluating technology for our customers in a wide range of engineering disciplines.

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